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Thermal Protector, BR-B5D Series

Thermal Cutoff, Thermal Fuse, Power Protection Solution, High Temperature Circuit Breaker, Thermal Control Device

 Thermal Protector, BR-B5D Series

BR-B5D series thermal protector is applied in the overcurrent protection system of air conditioner motor (≤ 0.5hp), transformer, ballast, and other electric devices. Casing of the thermal protector is made from PBT plastic, which is of high temperature resistance and high thermal conductivity.

1. For a circuit controlled by thermal protector, the contacts will separate and leads the circuit to cut off automatically when the temperature rises to a certain value; and it will reset automatically when the temperature falls to the allowable range
2. Capacity of contacts: 8A/24V DC, 8A/125V AC, 5A/250V AC
3. Opening temperature: 50-150℃, in increment of 5℃; tolerance of opening temperature: ±5℃
4. Certificate: UL, VDE, CQC

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