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Changsheng is committed to offering users the optimal thermal protection and circuit control solutions. Basing on a comprehensive customer need analysis, we will recommend users bimetals with different resistivity. Here we list some of the factors users need to consider when choosing electrical safety device (taking thermal protection in motors as an example).

Applications & Partners
Changsheng thermal protector is widely applied in household appliance motor, heater, lamp, ballast resistor, vacuum cleaner, car seat heating pad, spot welding machine, battery pack, and power supply system, etc.

Basic Principle
1. Ensuring that the motor works normally under allowable working conditions
2. For any abnormal working states, the protector should be able to break the circuit in time, making sure that the motor temperature varies within the predetermined range

1. Tell us the type of your motor, that whether it is universal motor, DC motor, or induction motor
2. Tell us the rated motor power
3. The max allowable temperature of your motor
4. Tell us the normal operating current and the stall current
5. The tripping time you expect
For other applications apart from motor, please contact us.

Service Commitment
1. The temperature for tripping and resetting, and tolerance is customizable.
2. The model, color, and length of wire stripping is customizable upon clients’ request.
3. We commit to conducting 100% temperature correction and detection for the protectors. Test report is available upon request.
4. We have different packaging solutions according to different shipping manners.

Instructions and Cautions
1. Opening temperature inspection
Oven with temperature accuracy ±1℃ shall be used for the opening temperature test and thermocouple or thermometer used shall be placed as close as possible to the thermal protector. Temperature increment shall be started from less 10℃ of the rated opening temperaure, with 1℃/min temperature increment. Test current flows through the thermal protector should be less than 0.1A.

2. Cautions on working environment
a. The thermal protectors shall not be exposed into a more than 200℃ environment for a long time, which may exert bad influences to its opening temperature and insulation performance.
b. Keep it from strong acid or strong alkaline environment.

3. Connecting and Installation
a. Please locate the thermal protectors as close as possible to the heating source
b. In order to prevent its case from deformation or damage during installation process, please make sure that
1) No pushing with sharp tools.
2) No mauling with heavy tools.
c. If the voltaic arc is used to connect the thermal protector, the welding current is not allowed to flow through the thermal protector to prevent it from damage.

4. About storage
Keep the thermal protectors from snow, rain and pressure. Air humidity should be less than 90%.

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