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Thermal Fuse, CSRY01 Series

Circuit Protection Device, Temperature Sensitive Device, One Shot Thermal Fuse, Thermal Cutoff, Thermal Switch, Circuit Breaker

Thermal fuse is a kind of circuit protection device working to break the circuit when the temperature reaches a predetermined value. Its housing is made from brass plated with sliver, so insulating sheath is required when applying it to your electric device. Thermal fuse is non-resettable and can be used only for one time. It is typically found in many electric appliances, like hair dryer, electric iron, rice cooker, electric stove, transformer, motor, water dispenser, and coffee maker, etc.

Main Features
1. Rated opening temperature range (Tf): 70-250℃; tolerance: +0°C /-10°C;
2. Closing temperature (Th): Th=Tf-15℃;
3. Rated capacity: AC250V 10A;
4. Electrical strength: applying a power of 1500V AC for 1min between the 2 lead wires and there should be no electric arc or flashover phenomenon;
5. Insulation resistance: ≥ 5MΩ;
6. Tensile strength of lead wire: ≥50N

Open and Close Temperature
Model Rated opening temperature (Tf ℃) Closing temperature (Th ℃) Max environment temperature (Tm ℃) Certificate Max capacity
CSRY0173℃ 73 48 143 CCC, TUV 250Vac/10A
CSRY0177℃ 77 52 147 CCC, TUV 250Vac/10A
CSRY0184℃ 84 59 154 CCC, TUV 250Vac/10A
CSRY0198℃ 98 73 168 CCC, TUV 250Vac/10A
CSRY01104℃ 104 79 174 CCC, TUV 250Vac/10A
CSRY01110℃ 110 85 180 CCC, TUV 250Vac/10A
CSRY01121℃ 121 96 191 CCC, TUV 250Vac/10A
CSRY01125℃ 125 100 195 CCC, TUV 250Vac/10A
CSRY01134℃ 134 109 204 CCC, TUV 250Vac/10A
CSRY01139℃ 139 114 209 CCC, TUV 250Vac/10A
CSRY01141℃ 141 116 211 CCC, TUV 250Vac/10A
CSRY01144℃ 144 119 214 CCC, TUV 250Vac/10A
CSRY01155℃ 155 130 225 CCC, TUV 250Vac/10A
CSRY01172℃ 172 147 242 CCC, TUV 250Vac/10A
CSRY01184℃ 184 159 254 CCC, TUV 250Vac/10A
CSRY01192℃ 192 167 262 CCC, TUV 250Vac/10A
CSRY01216℃ 216 191 316 CCC, TUV 250Vac/10A
CSRY01227℃ 227 202 327 CCC, TUV 250Vac/10A
CSRY01240℃ 240 215 340 CCC, TUV 250Vac/10A

1. Let the fuse’s temperature rise from the rated opening temperature (20℃) with a rate of no more than 1℃/min, and keep the current going through the thermal fuse within 0.1A, the temperature accuracy of the fuse should reach ±1℃.
2. The thermal switch can’t work in environment with strong acid or alkali for long time.
3. During the installation process, remember to mount the fuse at the part where is the most sensitive to temperature, and protect it from deformation.

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