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Thermal Protector, SBW Series

Electrical Switch, Circuit Breaking Device, Circuit Protective Device, Overcurrent Protective Device, Thermal Cutout, Motor Overload Protector

 Thermal Protector, SBW Series

SBW series thermal protector is mainly designed for 3-phase motor to control and protect the electric appliances connected in parallel. It has 2 contacts on the bimetal, corresponding to the 2 static contacts on the base. When the temperature reaches to the prescribed point, the bimetal components move swiftly to separate the 2 sets of contacts and cut the circuit off. Then it will move again to open the circuit after the temperature drops to the normal range.

1. Capacity of contact: 12A/380VAC 10A/440VAC
2. Opening temperature: 80-160℃, in increment of 5℃; tolerance of opening temperature: ±5℃

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