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Thermal Protector, BR-B2D Series

Thermal Switch, Thermostat Switch, Bimetal Thermostat, Thermal Motor Protector, Circuit Protection Device, Temperature Limit Switch

BR-B2D series thermal protector is mainly designed for the electricity protection system of single-phase AC motor (50Hz, 220V) in case of some abnormal working conditions like overload or stalling. It features small volume and high sensitivity. Apart from applications in motor, the bimetal thermostat is also seen in battery, air conditioner motor, and automotive seat heating system, etc.

Differing from BR-A1D series thermal protector which adopts casings made from stainless steel, BR-B2D series employs insulated plastic enclosure. It stimulates a rapid change of the bimetal’s condition which results to the separation of 2 contacts and thus cutting off the circuit, barely relying on the bimetal’s temperature sensing and the current thermal effect.

Under normal condition, for a thermal switch, when the temperature rises to the max point, the 2 contacts will separate and the switch is open. On the contrary, when the temperature drops to the allowable range, the contacts touch and the switch is closed.

Protector drawings:

  • Normally open and close with temperature increment
  • Normally close and open with temperture increment

Main Features
1. The thermal protection device adopts insulated plastic casing
2. The max capacity of contacts: AC250V/8A (6000 times of service); AC125V/12A (6000 times of service)
3. Opening temperature: 50-130℃, in increment of 5℃; tolerance of opening temperature: ±5℃
4. Standard wires: UL3266 #22, white, 70mm; wire length and length of stripping is customizable; single-strand copper wire whose diameter is 0.6 mm should be mounted in an inserted way
5. Contact resistance: 50 mΩ (under room temperature)

Open and Close Temperature:
Model Opening temperature Closing temperature Model Opening temperature Closing temperature
BR-B2D 50℃ 50±5℃ 35±10℃ BR-B2D 95℃ 95±5℃ 65±15℃
BR-B2D 55℃ 55±5℃ 35±10℃ BR-B2D 100℃ 100±5℃ 65±15℃
BR-B2D 60℃ 60±5℃ 40±10℃ BR-B2D 105℃ 105±5℃ 70±15℃
BR-B2D 65℃ 65±5℃ 45±12℃ BR-B2D 110℃ 110±5℃ 75±15℃
BR-B2D 70℃ 70±5℃ 45±15℃ BR-B2D 115℃ 115±5℃ 75±15℃
BR-B2D 75℃ 75±5℃ 50±15℃ BR-B2D 120℃ 120±5℃ 80±15℃
BR-B2D 80℃ 80±5℃ 55±15℃ BR-B2D 125℃ 125±5℃ 85±15℃
BR-B2D 85℃ 85±5℃ 55±15℃ BR-B2D 130℃ 130±5℃ 85±15℃
BR-B2D 90℃ 90±5℃ 60±15℃      
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