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    1. 17AM-D Motor Thermal Protection SwitchThe thermal overload relay / motor thermal protection switch is designed with reasonable structure, compact size, large-capacity contacts, and long service life. Temperature of each bimetal has been calibrated precisely.
    1. 17AM-D-Z Motor Thermal Protection Switch17AM-D-Z is developed on the base of 17AM-D, widely used throughout the world in electric motors for washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, vacuum cleaners and industrial applications.
    1. 15AM-D Motor Thermal Protection Switch15AM-D series thermal overload relay is able to detect both temperature and current. The most distinctive part of this circuit protection device is that it can be equipped with bimetal strips of different resistivity to achieve different opening time.
    1. BR-B2D Motor Thermal Protection SwitchBR-B2D series thermal overload relay / motor thermal protection switch is mainly designed for the electricity protection system of single-phase AC motor (50Hz, 220V) in case of some abnormal working conditions like overload or stalling.
    1. BR-A1D Motor Thermal Protection SwitchBR-A1D series thermal overload relay / motor thermal protection switch shares the same property and internal structure with BR-B2D series. The only and biggest difference between the 2 products is that BR-B2D is designed with insulated plastic casing.
    1. BR-B6D Motor Thermal Protection SwitchBR-B6D thermal overload relay / motor thermal protection switch is a kind of temperature limit switch working to prevent motor or other electrical devices from overheating. It is rather sensitive to temperature change.
    1. 18AM-B Motor Thermal Protection Switch18AM-B series thermal overload relay works as an overcurrent protection device mainly in single-phase AC motor (50Hz, 220V). It helps to prevent the motor from burning out in some non-normal operating states like overload and stalling.
    1. 18AM-C Motor Thermal Protection Switch18AM-C series thermal overload relay / motor thermal protection switch is a circuit protection device mainly applied in AC single-phase motor (50Hz, 220V) to protect motor from overload or stalling. It is also applicable in air conditioner motor and battery, etc.
    1. BW-T Motor Thermal Protection SwitchBW-T is a newly developed thermal overload relay / motor thermal protection switch in Changsheng. Its typical applications include air conditioner motor, washing machine motor, pump motor, battery pack, heater, lamp, and ballast, etc.
    1. BW-S Motor Thermal Protection SwitchIt employs stainless steel casing. Relying on the temperature sensing of the bimetal and the current thermal effect, BW-S enables the condition of the bimetal to change swiftly, and then makes the circuit open.
    1. BR-A Motor Thermal Protection SwitchBR-A2D, BR-A, and BW thermal overload relays are in the same series, which has been existed in the market for a long time and is always in great demand.
    1. BR-B5D Motor Thermal Protection SwitchBR-B5D series thermal overload relay / motor thermal protection switch is applied in the overcurrent protection system of air conditioner motor (≤ 0.5hp), transformer, ballast, and other electric devices.
    1. SBW Three Phase Motor Thermal Protection SwitchSBW series thermal overload relay is mainly designed for 3-phase motor to control and protect the electric appliances connected in parallel. It has 2 contacts on the bimetal, corresponding to the 2 static contacts on the base.
    1. BRS Motor Thermal Protection SwitchDon't touch the bimetal or other temperature sensing elements when you are installing or using the thermal overload relay, or it may be inaccurate.
    1. 8AMC Motor Thermal Protection SwitchThe most salient feature of 8AMC series thermal overload relay / motor thermal protection switch is large volume and large current carrying capacity. It is mainly used for capacitor-start motor, automobile motor, ballast, and transformer, etc.
    1. CCS9 Motor Thermal Protection SwitchCCS9 series thermal overload relay / motor thermal protection switch features open structure and high thermal conductivity. Its bimetal is competent in responding rapidly to little temperature change.
    1. CS4TM Motor Thermal Protection SwitchThe basic function set of the 4TM thermal overload relay with plug-on feature is to protect the motor in a refrigeration compressor from overheating as a result of locked rotor or running overload.
    1. Bimetal Disc ThermostatKSD series bimetal disc thermostat is mainly applied in occasions where the circuit should be automatically switched on or off as the temperature changes, keeping the temperature of the electric devices varying within a certain range.
    1. Adjustable Bimetal ThermostatWe use ceramic as KST thermostat's insulation material, which is capable to withstand high temperature. As a disc bimetallic thermostat, it possesses precise temperature controlling, simple structure and reliable performance.
    1. CSRY01 Thermal FuseThermal fuse is a kind of circuit protection device working to break the circuit when the temperature reaches a predetermined value. Its housing is made from brass plated with sliver, so insulating sheath is required when applying it to your electric device.

Changsheng is a leading thermal protection relays and protector manufacturer in China, offering various thermal switching and controlling products to meet many electric motor protection needs, we have more than 1600 people working in different sections of our factories by using their intelligent and honest attitude in making good quality motor thermal protectors to global markets. Our company is a capable and competent thermal protector maker to offer thermal protectors to Panasonic, Toshiba, Sharp, A.O.Smith, etc. many international well-known brands, the products have passed many certificates like UL, VDE, KC, CE, CQC. Surely and confidently we can offer high quality thermal protection products to protect the motors!